Stitchin Saturday #56

Last week wasn’t a big crafty week for me. I spent most of the week interviewing for jobs where I would be working from home doing data entry. I received several offer letters and accepted 2 last week. I researched them. They were real. They have real offices and large histories on the web that goes back ages. I thought I was being safe and it would be awesome. Nope both scams. So I reported it, closed my bank account that might have been compromised and updated my life lock account. I got. Another offer o er the weekend and after interviewing decided to try again. Nope still a damn scam.

Seriously. WTF. The job site is supposed to get these people.  I am going to do some research this week and do a post over on on staying safe when looking to work online.

I did work on my Lavender Feilds blanket. I know I made it to the goal size but when I put it on the bed it fit just the top. Hubby likes some side hang so I am doing another round of the purple. I had to get more yarn today. One round just used an entire skein. Seriously. One round of the blanket too a whole skein of yarn.

On a happy note I have bought the fabric for my Estelle Ponte jacket for the February challenge. It is a soft beige cream kind of color. Hopefully I will be able to wear it on my trip in June.

I don’t have it in me to list out all the things that I didn’t finish this week. I will catch that up next week.

One thought on “Stitchin Saturday #56

  1. I’ve had the same kind of unfortunate experience while job-hunting. There have been a number of times where I thought, “Oh hey! A cool job! Let’s check it out!” only to find out later that it’s just a bunch of baloney. So frustrating. 😦

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