Stitchin’ Saturday #58


Morning!  I am excited because I have a new giveaway starting today.  Annie’s (one of my new affiliates) is sponsoring it.  They are giving away patterns from the Spring Look Book.  If you want to read about it and enter CLICK HERE.  There will be one pattern given away for every 50 entries.  Not people – entries so go tweet, follow, message what ever you want to do.  And tell a friend so they can enter too.

2This week I worked on my Slay the Stash project.  I finished my booties with exactly one ball of yarn.  It was a serious game of chicken but I won.  And by serious I mean I had about 2 inches of tail left when I was finished.  I am not going to do a pattern review for these because I ran into a couple of issues with the count and instructions, so I had to make changes.  I also did not like the way the top parts wrap around your ankles.  The way it is written is for you to make the flap and it would go counter clockwise around both ankles.  My poor OCD heart couldn’t handle it so I had to undo the right foot and make it to where it would wrap clockwise.  Think of it like having the buckle for both of your shoes go to the left.  The buckle on the right foot would drive you insane.  Overall thought I think I am going to like them.  They will be great when we move to the mountains and have all those hardwood floors Hubby is convinced he wants.

The only other thing I have been working on theis week was the Space CAL blanket.  I am definitely going slow because I changed to sc instead of the hdc.  I am dealing with it though because I really like the way it is going to look after.  I think I am going to make one big change and have all the void areas be 16 rows of sc no matter what they are in the pattern.  Black yarn sucks at my soul like a Death Eater in Harry Potter.

Pattern Reviewhigh-streets-coffees-lookMy find this week is a pattern company.  I told you about the Sewing Challenge I am doing in 2018 right?  Well in February the pattern is from Style Arc.  The pattern that is featured for February is the Estelle Ponte Jacket.  I bought it and when I did I got to pick a free pattern from January – a pair of leggings.  I have started on the Estelle Jacket.  Well I have the fabric and thread ready to go but I ran out of printer ink when I was printing the pdf.  So later today I will be stopping by the office store and getting some.  Then tomorrow I will crank that baby out.  I seriously mean crank it out.  Even though it is going to be gorgeous it is really easy to assemble when you have the pieces.  I love how she writes her patterns and love how this one is going to fit.

I went back this week looking for some other patterns to try and I found a ton.  I bought a pattern pack called High Streets Coffee Look because that is an outfit I would love to rock.  Then I bought the Sailor Sue Palazzo Pants, and the Ollie Tunic.  This month I got the Eden Dress for free. I am so excited.  I have been working on curating my closet and I think these pieces are going to be staples.  (Side note: they aren’t an affiliate I am just really loving the patterns and easy instructions.)


Booties Kit for Slay Your Stash February CAL

WIPing It!

Solar System CAL



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