Stitchin’ Saturday #59





Between car drama, the water heater breaking and Mermaid having the stomach flu this week I didn’t get a lot of crafting done.  I did do a lot of frogging though.  I frogged the Solar System CAL blanket.  I just can’t finish the black.  I might try again with the blue one day but it isn’t going to be in black.  I also finished frogging the cape I was designing.  I have to experiment with cables more to find a structure that won’t create huge holes where the cables cross.  I also frogged a scarf I had started years ago that I never finished knitting.  I started it before I started my craft journal so I don’t even remember what pattern it is, so it was added to the frog pond.  I have tried for years to always finish what I start unless there is a big problem with the instructions.  I have to admit the feeling after I frogged all that was pretty awesome.  I am going to give myself permission to frog projects in the future.

I did start a new project I am excited about.  It is called the Fergus Shrug out of Celtic Cable Crochet.  I had to change one of the cables because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it but I love how it is looking.  The body of the shrug is a repeat of 4 rows that are easy to remember.  I have made a few full size cardigans but this will be my first shrug.

Pattern ReviewMy find this week isn’t really a thing you can touch.  We got to check a goal off of our family bucket list this weekend by going to a comic con in Pensacola – Pensacon.  It was a great time, I got to meet 3 of the actors from Dr Who.  I have to say John Barrowman has passed David Tennant as my favorite overall character from Dr Who.  We stood inline to meet him and had a great time.  He spent a lot of time with everyone who was in line to meet him.  The kicker is when we were getting close he saw Mermaid in the line and sat and talked to her for at least 5 minutes telling her about Princesses he knows and how he lives down the street from Snow White’s castle in California.  He is the best.


The find of the week comes in the Market area of the convention.  Hidden in the middle of all the booths selling all kinds of fandom merchandise was a booth selling crocheted fandom stuff!  They wouldn’t let me take a picture (even when I told them I wanted to talk about them on the blog) but I was so excited to see them there.  They had mostly hats of different characters (think a puppy beanie with ears and eyes sewn on but as a character), there were scarves, and even some blankets.  I just got all the warm and fuzzy feels because there were people buying hand made crochet things at Pensacon!  We are taking over the world!

3Finished It!

Not a darn thing

WIPing It

Fergus Shrug

Frogged It!

Solar System CAL

St Andrews Cape

Undknown Scarf

300 X 250 banner

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