5 Sewing Notions for Sewing Clothes

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Since I started sewing clothes this year I have discovered new sewing notions that I don’t know how people live without.  I have all the normal notions for sewing because I have been quilting for years – thread, needles, scissors, pins, rulers.  But there are unique things that you need for sewing a handmade wardrobe.  These are my top 5 Sewing Notions for Beginners that I have discovered over the last few months, if your a new sewing clothes these are going to be game changers for making your projects look professional!

Seam Measuring Guide

seam measuring gaugeThis little beauty is an easy way to check your seam allowances.  It goes from 1/4″ to 1 3/8″ all on one handy little square.  I have used it to set my needle to the right postion as well as checking my gauge as I go along.  It is worth $2.75 just so I don’t have to rip out an entire leg seam because I wandered away from the 5/8″ seam line.

Seam Roller

seam rollerYou know you need to press your seams to get a professional finish on your clothes.  But sometimes the seam is only 2 inches long and you don’t want to break your rhythm by getting up and pressing it just to sit right back down and do another couple of inches on the other shoulder.  That is why you need a seam roller.  It is perfect when you just need to press a small area and move on.  Side note:  It is also awesome if you do paper piecing quilts.

Bobbin Buddies

bobbin buddiesA friend of mine told me about these when I was complaining that I couldn’t match up my blue threads with their bobbins.  I love them so much.  You just stack the bobbin on top of the matching spool of thread and stick the buddy through both.  They will stay together in your sewing box and you won’t have to walk outside in sunlight to match your threads.

Binding Clips

binding clipsThese little suckers are a game changers.  You can hold both sides of a binding strip people.  Both sides at the same time.  Sure you could try with straight pins but I have never had any luck with that.  Bonus you can hold the layers of your project together without making holes in your fabric.  How awesome would that be for silks?

Hot Hemmer

hot hemmerYou know how excited I was at the beginning of this list for the seam measuring gauge?  Well this one is even better.  This little baby lets you measure seams while ironing them.  This makes hemming pants so much easier!  You just run it along the end of the pants and press the fabric up while you go.  No more burning the ends of your fingers while you try to keep an even fold.  Seriously.  I bought 2 just incase one gets misplaced.

If you sew clothes and have a tool that makes it easier let me know!  I am plan on making a whole wardrobe for myself and Mermaid so I need all the help I can get.

5 Notions for Sewing Clothes




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