Stitchin’ Saturday 61

2This week I have gotten very little crafting done again!  It seems like I have lost my ability to crank out a project every two days since I put the shop on vacation.  I have been working on the Fergus Shrug but had to frog 6 rows because I missed crossing a set of cable stitches.


I have spent a lot of time cleaning out the garage this week.  I found several boxes of old fabric that I didnt’ even know was in there.  It is mostly decorator fabric I think my mother in law gave me when she was cleaning out her garage.  But hey fabric is fabric and I will do something with it eventually.  I also found a whole file box full of half done and brand new cross stitch kits.  I really want to get to work on one but I have such a long line of projects to make I can’t even think about it right now.

I did receive a happy little package today from Closet Case.  It is the paper pattern for their boyfriend jeans – Morgan, and the jeans kit.  I am not going to lie I love that they have a kit all prepared to make the jeans so I don’t have to try and match rivets to buttons, to zippers.  I may not use everything by the end of it but I have it if I want it.  Now I just need to buy the denim to make the pants.


I have been researching places to visit in Germany and Switzerland for our trip there in May.  In my guide book it actually says that they expect visitors to the castles and museums to dress ‘appropriately’.  Meaning no jeans, shorts, athletic wear or sneakers.  On one hand I am all for this.  Nothing ruins walking around a majestic castle like looking at a tourist crammed into a pair of see through leggings that are to small for them.  But why can’t I wear a pair of fashion jeans?  I can guarantee you I am going to be wearing a pair of converse.  There is no way I am going to be walking around for two weeks in a pair of dress shoes.  If you live in or have visited Munich and Zurich can you tell me if they really won’t let my Hubby in if he is in a pair of dressy shorts and a button down?

I have been working on the Moogly CAL 2018.  I wasn’t sure if I would be putting up a guide for making the squares a solid color this year – but I am.  I am excited to say I have had a few requests for them so I will play catch up and start posting them soon.


Pattern Review

5 Notions for Sewing Clothes

My Find Of the Week this week is actually a roundup of sewing notions I have discovered so far this year.  How I lived my life before I had a hot hemmer and a bag of bobbin buddies.  I swear to heaven if y’all knew about bobbin buddies and no one told me – we are not friends any more.  Click here if you want to read the round up and see what you could be missing.



WIPing It!

Fergus Shrug



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