Stitchin’ Saturdays #62

2This week I have been plugging away on my Fergus Shrug.  I finally finished the main body and I have started working on the sleeves.  I used a worsted weight like the pattern asked for but it is going to be really thick and warm.  I am thinking about making it again in a lighter cotton yarn.  The pattern has a diagram with finished size measurements so I can always adjust the pattern to make it the right size after I do a gauge swatch.  I love it when they give size diagrams!

I have been plugging away at the blogging course I told you about.  I am still loving it.  I haven’t seen that much change in my site visits per day but I have seen a huge change in my Pinterest numbers.  I went from averaging 700 impressions a day to 4,000 a day.  Slowly but surely right?


I have also been working on a big project at the house.  After we cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago there was so much open space.  I got to looking at my office/ craft room that I share with Hubby.  There was barely space to walk from the door to our desk chairs.  So I have spent each morning organizing, culling, and moving extra stuff to the garage.  This is the before picture.  I don’t have a finished one yet, I still have more yarn to sort and organize before I can call it done.

I have discovered a few things about myself and my office.  1.  There is a limit to the amount of hobbies you can pack into one room.  Sewing, quilting, cross stitch, crochet, scrapbooking, card making, and jewelry making are to many hobbies to shove into one room when hubby also keeps work stuff in there.  I think there is another hobby I am going to need to get under control – shopping for hobby supplies.  2.  You don’t have to keep every cute box that you get.  I had a dozen little cardboard boxes with flowers on them I had stacked in there. They came with what ever stationary or recipe card set I had bought.  3.  I have enough yarn to make appx 34 full size blankets.  (There are now 9 large storage totes in the garage of yarn.)  4.  I have complete kits to make 7 quilts – I should get on that.  5.  I found a whole stash of wips.  Shawls I started but hated, squares for a friendship exchange blanket that need to be seamed, baby blankets I was playing with to design my own.  There are going to be a lot of trips to the frog pond this month.  6.  I have enough scrapbook paper I could easily never buy paper again.  Ever.  Mermaid might not need to either.  7.  There are way to many pens in my house.  I have no idea how I collected that many but I will never need to buy another pen either.

Now before I went through the Great Office Clean Out of ’18, I ordered yarn for a top I am going to make from Annie’s Attic for the Germany trip in May.  I am so stinking excited.

I do have a question for anyone who sews their own pants out there.  What material would you use for the Elle or Sailor Sue pant patterns from Style Arc?  I want to make them for the trip and know I won’t get saggy bottom or droopy knees from walking around in them all day.  Email me at with where you order material for pants please!


Pattern Review180317 pic 1My find this week is a bit different.  I found a new magazine by accident when I was at my favorite book store.  It is called Cottage Journal and it is to cute for words.  I have decided my decorating style is going to be mountain cottage style.  It is still soft and country but uses farmhouse colors not just white, pink and light green.  Hubby believes anything ‘shabby chic’ would suck his man card right out of his wallet.  I picked up the yearly special print – Country Cottage.  I just subscribed on their website and now I am going to have them delivered right to my door.





Fergus Shrug

Mermaid’s Quilt




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