Stitchin’ Saturday 64

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2This week I started getting my crojo back.  I tried the Color Burst Coaster pattern with some cotton yarn from my stash.  I ended up with a trivet.  I ordered some of the yarn they suggest in the pattern – we will see how it works up with that instead.  I love it though. It is the perfect size for my teapot, and to put on buffets for the hot bows of food.  Mermaid saw it and is convinced I made a kid size placemat just for her.  So now I have to make another for my teapot!

I have also started on my  XXX Pattern.  I purchased Bernat Softee Baby Cotton yarn for it in Pale Periwinkle.  I worked the guage swatch in the green I have in my stash to make a sweater for Mermaid with and it worked out perfectly.  I love this cotton yarn.  It is so soft it feels like it is blended with silk or bamboo but it is a cotton & acrylic blend.  It keeps it from stretching and drooping and lets you machine wash and dry it.  The pattern is so easy to work up I am doing it in the carpool line and while I watch tv with Hubby.  I am going to do a post on it when I get it done.  If you want to make your own spring sweater go get the pattern and get hooking.

I do have a question for all  you sewers out there.  Which websites do you like to buy apparel fabric from?  I have a dozen pdf patterns sitting on my sewing desk waiting for me to make them but I can’t find the right fabric here in town and I don’t know which sites are the best for buying it on line.  Help me by leaving me a comment below or shooting me an email at  I have patterns for knit dresses, knit slacks, jeans, and woven shirts.

Book of the Week180331 Pic 1My book of the week is a whole series – Burnout Series by Dahlia West.  I have a thing for romances that feature military men (Hubby was a sailor, and I was a soldier) and this is series is about 5 Army Rangers who got out of the service after a road side bomb took out half their unit.  They settled in South Dakota and opened a garage.  Each guy has his own story and each woman has her own drama.  I am starting book 5 tonight and can’t wait.  To be honest there was one so far that I didn’t like because the guy was just rude and the girl was a mouse (even though she really shouldn’t have been!).

These books cover all kinds bases – military, amputee, stalker, woman on the run, bounty hunters, muscles, sub & dom, escaping abuse, having babies, and fighting for the one you really want.  If you read them let me know what you think.

3Finished It!

Color Burst Coaster > well trivet

WIPing It

Breakers Tee

general link to online classes 300 X 250

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