Stitchin’ Saturday #66

2I found my Crojo!  I know you were worried about me.  Heck I was worried about me.  Turns out if you just turn off everything and hide your phone and laptop in a closet you can get busy.  At some point I decided that I could only crochet if I was doing something else at the same time.  I had to either be watching a class online, listening to a podcast (to learn something), taking notes, watching a show, etc to be able to crochet.  All that ended up happening was I would get a couple stitches in, stop write something down, couple of stitches, stop help Mermaid with something, couple of stitches, throw everything back in the basket from frustration.  So Monday when Mermaid was having her quiet time in her room I turned off everything.  Seriously no electronics of any kind were on.  I put my phone, laptop, ipad, tv remote, and even the portable speaker in the closet in my bedroom.  I have to tell you an hour of nothing but looking at my hands fly over a pattern was such a relief.

Moral of the story:  if you are feeling like you lost your Crojo get rid of every distraction and try again.

After my hour of silence I have made progress on my Breakers Tee, finished 2 market bags, repaired 3 pairs of shorts for Hubby, took in the waist on 7 shorts/ skirts for Mermaid, and rolled 7 skeins into balls for projects I am fixing to start.  Seriously an hour of silence a day is doing so much for my Crojo and overall mental health.

Heck after I got out the laptop on Tuesday I realized I haven’t updated Ravelry since February!  I was on it several times a week during the Pigskin Party CAL – when it was over I was a little burnt out.  It took a while but I think I have my projects updated.  If your on Ravelry shoot me a friend request!  My account is

Pattern Review

Find of the Week is All About Cotton by Leisure Arts.  There are 14 projects that are made from – you guessed it – cotton yarns.  Leisure Arts sent me a copy to review when I signed up as an affiliate.  I plan on making several things for my house – the baskets, pot holders, market bag, and the hexagon mat.  Mermaid found the book and decided she needs a bag, the bath set and the towel for her play kitchen.  I made two market bags this week and when I took some stuff to a friends house in one – she hinted one in pinks would be awesome for her birthday next month.

I am going to do a post on some of the projects as I go through the book, look for the market bag one next week.

If you are looking for projects for your house you should get this book.  The patterns are all easy enough for a beginner, and cute enough for someone with experience.

Click here to purchase the book from Leisure Arts.

3Finished It!

Lacy Tote – Blue and White

Lacy Tote – Color Riot

WIPing It!

Breakers Tee

Color Burst Coasters\

crochet cable wildlife afghans

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