Stitchin Saturday # 67


Guess what I did.  I finished my Breaker Tee!  I love the feeling when I finish a sweater.  I get as giddy as a kid who knows they are getting cake for dessert.  The pattern is easy and I might make myself another one in bamboo yarn.  I am going to put up a full post on it soon but I had to share a picture.



I finished my third square – Clown Car –  in the Moogly 2018 CAL and have the post up on it.  I don’t know why I am so behind with this challenge this year.  I have started #4 and will have it up soon.


I have also started working on a scrappy blanket using up all my old Vanna’s Choice Yarns from when I made Amigurumi dolls for the stores.  I started using it because it is an awesome yarn.  Doesn’t fade, soft but holds it shape.  It is great for Amigurumi or clothes the only down side is it has dye lots.  It drove me crazy when I had to switch to a different skein and all the legs had a different shade to the body and head.  I had to buy a couple more skeins for the solid color but all the scrappy color bits are coming out of my stash bin.  The blanket I am making is called Cross Stitch and its from a new Leisure Arts pattern book called Scrappy Afghans.  Click here for my affiliate link to order a copy for yourself.

180421 pic 1

Book of the Week

This week I am gonna tell you about something a little different.  I have become a little ADD since I started staying home with Mermaid.  When I worked in offices I used to handle all kinds of things on a daily basis and my mind got used to jumping from one task and topic to another.  It is the same now that I have started blogging.  I have this blog for all my crafty things, where I talk about being a great housewife/ home maker.  Then I started writing romance novels.  I haven’t published one yet but I am working on it.  So of course that needed a website too –

SFA - Pinterest

I am having some issues on how to introduce the supernatural world that I have created in my books without a big info dump at the beginning (which no one enjoys).  So I am going to do a monthly post from the perspective of a character in the little town I created.  She is a single witch in a small town in the Georgia mountains.  Some times she will be dating, sometimes it will be a funny story from her day.  I am not sure yet but if you want to check it out please let me know what you think.




Breakers Tee



Cross Stitch Blanket




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