Stitchin’ Saturday #68


I am rocking along on my Cross Stitch afghan.  I love this thing.  You do two rows in your main color and then do a row of crossed stitches in a random color.  I can see this being a great guy gift.  You could easily change the random color stripes for a single color – think favorite team colors.  Boom perfect Christmas gift for your football fanatic.


I posted my pattern review for the Lacy Tote out of the All About Cotton book.  I used it for the first time at the bakery.  It is perfect for the long loaves of Italian and French Bread.  I got a couple of compliments and one offer to buy it off me right there.  I am not going to lie I love it when that happens.



Pattern Review180428 pic 1My Find this week is a site called Urban Threads.  I was browsing through embroidery patterns on Pinterest and found one of theirs.  OMG they are so stinking cute.  They do both machine or hand embroidery patterns and there are so many to choose from.  The patterns can be done on fabric and framed or on shirts and bags.  I am guessing it depends on how you scale them.

I haven’t started working on them yet but I am starting out with the Spice it Up pack.  There are 8 designs that revolve around cooking.  I am going to do the one with the rolling pin first.  I can’t decide if it is going to be on an apron or a tea towel.



WIPing It

Cross Stitch Blanket

Colorful Coasters

Palmeras Placemats

Mermaid’s Quilt



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