Stitchin’ Saturday #70

There was a glitch in my site this week.  Stitchin Saturday 69 and two pattern reviews I had scheduled to post over the next two weeks have just disappeared completely.  I have the drafts of the pattern reviews saved so I was able to just reload them but Stitchin Saturday 69 is gone forever.  I don’t make backups of these little weekly updates so I can’t just reload it.  Guess what I am started doing yesterday?  What I spent 3 hours doing yesterday?  Backing up my Stitching Saturday posts.


I have finished my cross stitch blanket!  I have to say I love this thing.  It is just wide enough that when Mermaid and I sit on the couch cuddling it covers both of us without draping all down in the floor.  It is a very easy pattern once you pick how you are going to cross your stitches in the color rows.  I am working on a pattern review for it that should come out in a week or so.  It completely depends on if WordPress decides to eat it or not.  If you want to get the pattern book click here for my affiliate link.


The hardest part was getting Lucy to let me finish it.  She has decided that it belongs to her and she doesn’t really want me working on it or using it.  I still have to tuck about 7 sets of tails on the blanket, but if she sees me pick it up she will race across the house and pounce on it.  Then sit on it starring at me like I have lost my mind for touching her blanket.  Check out the attitude pouring off her in this picture.


I am trying hard to get you a post every Wednesday.  Last week I put up my pattern review of the Color Burst Coasters by Annie’s.  I am waiting for the recommended yarn to come in before I make the place mats.  On one hand a table runner would be awesome but it would just end up being a table blanket for Lucy.  Mermaid left a cloth napkin on the table the other day after lunch.  I walked in and she had scooted it over so she could lay on top of it in the sun shine.  Seriously the cat has issues.

Pattern Review

180506 pic 1My find (repeated from last week) is a new magazine called Green Craft.  It shows you how to recycle things into art or crafts.  I have seen it on the newsstand before but always grabbed a copy of Simply Crochet instead.  This month I couldn’t pass it up.  There is an article on how to turn vintage buttons into bookmarks.  I know that bookmarks are going the way of the dodo but I love them.  I have been making ones with beads for a couple of years now,  but these are deceptively simple and I can’t believe that I never thought of it.  There are several other projects that i am going to try.  I think I might have found another magazine I need to get a subscription to.




3Finished It

Cross Stitch Blanket


WIPing It

Mermaid’s Quilt

Bear from Wildlife Cable Blankets





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