Stitchin’ Saturday – A little Vacation

I am not going to sugar coat it.  I am going on vacation with Hubby, Mermaid and the In Laws.  It is going to rock.  Last weekend I was prepping, and for the next two I am going to be without the internet.

Don’t worry about the Dogs and Cats.  My nephew and his girlfriend are staying at the house to take care of the pets.  I am sure that getting to stay in a house together for a couple of weeks alone together has nothing to do with the enthusiasm they had when I asked if they would pet/ house sit.

The hardest part is I can’t take a single WIP with me.  No yarn, no hooks, just a little emergency sewing kit.  I am not going to lie I might pop a button of my shirt at some point just so I can sew it back on.

I am going to be looking for little yarn shops and places that love hand crafts on the trip so I can tell you all about them when I get back.

So y’all do a little extra hooking for me.  See you soon!

a family picture

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