Stitching Saturday #71

I am back!

First – the family and I had a great time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (we drove through Lichtenstein but didn’t stop – I am still counting it on my country list though!)  We saw so many amazing things and ate so much strudel I can’t even begin to tell you about it.  I am working on writing up reviews for my travel site –  I will let you know when those are published but for now here are a few pictures!


Second – Mermaid got a bad head cold from allergies so I have been dealing with a sick toddler and that doesn’t allow for time to do all that much.  On the happy side she is better and everyone has recovered from the trip.  Sorry it took me longer to get back to yall than I thought, but it was a nice month off.

Third – I am excited because I have signed up to write in Camp Nanowrimo for July.  I know that I have told you I have been working on writing a romance series and this is going to be the carrot/ stick that is going to get my first book finished.  If you are a writer and interested leave me a comment below and I will give you the info.  It is a free site where you get set up with a writing group of about 20 for support and accountability while you write a book.  Doesn’t have to be romance just a book of some kind.


I wasn’t able to take any yarn projects with me to work on while we were traveling and that killed me.  I did find a little yarn shop in a small town in Germany but they were closed for vacation the day we visited the town.  Talk about a bummer.  I found a Bernina store across the street from our hotel in Zurich though and they had yarn!  Best part was the clerk spoke English and she was awesome.  I bought some nice Italian merino that I am going to use to make the Fergus Cowl (? I think that is the name ?) from my Celtic Crochet book.  That yarn is just so damn yummy.

I have been making up for the lost crafting time since I got home though.  I started working on the bear blanket in the Wildlife Cable Afghan book from Leisure Arts.  I saw the book when I was leaving a review for the Scrappy Afghan book and ordered it on the spot.  I am going to do a write up on it when I finish so keep an eye out for that.  But if you have someone in your life who would love a blanket for Christmas that features a deer head, bear, wolf or moose – go get the book.  The patterns are easy and you get to pick the elements you use.  There are 4 corner square patterns, 4 side bars, and then the centers.  I haven’t finished this one but I already have 3 more planned for Christmas gifts this year.  A deer for my Mom & StepDad, a wolf for Mermaid, and a bear for my in-laws.


crochet cable wildlife afghans

Click here for my affiliate link to the book.



Book of the Week

180630 pic 1I wasn’t able to crochet but I was able to read to my little heart’s content on the plane (while Mermaid was sleeping) and when we were driving towards our different day trips.  I read the entire Kate Daniels series.  I have read most of them before but I needed to catch up with books 8 & 9.  I love these books and since I had time on my hands I started with 1.

If you love paranormal romance you need to check this series out.  She is the daughter of a powerful immortal who thinks it is her mission in life to kill her biological father.  She is a seriously kick ass mercenary who can cast magic that can bring even the most powerful down.  Her love is the Beast Lord.  A man who shifts into a lion, or a 7 foot tall hybrid man/lion that kills anything stupid enough to get infront of him.  The books are set in Atlanta after the fall of technology (think post apocalypse) about 50 years in the future.

I am not going to lie Curran is my ultimate book boyfriend.  Even before I knew it was a thing.

Click here for my affiliate link to the book.

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