Stitchin Saturday #72

This week was not that great.  I am sure if you have been reading my posts for any amount of time you have heard me talk about the ultimate joy of having kidney stones.  Well this week was just smack full of joy.  Mainly from the heavy pain killer I had to take to get through it.


On the bright side I finished the Bear Blanket I made from the Wildlife Cable Afghan pattern book from Leisure Arts.  I love how it turned out.  I followed the pattern how it was written with the only change being I used a row of single crochet to join the border panels and corner squares to the center piece.  I did it for two reasons.  I like the way the the line of single crochet makes a border.  Mainly it is because I don’t have the patience to seam pieces that large.


For the bear I carried the yarn across the legs and head so I have to sew a back on it at some point to cover the yarn.  I am going to look for some light weight flannel the next time my craft store has a sale that will match the brown and white.  It is just going to make it cozier when I curl up with it on a snowy mountain day right?

Mermaid likes it so much she went and dug out some green and tan yarn from my stash and told me she wants a wolf blanket next.  I am not even fibbing.  She went in the studio and dug out yarn from the plastic tubs I keep the Red Heart in and brought it to me when I was weaving the tails on the bear blanket.


So like a good Mommy I started her blanket this week.  I am doing the center with multiple yarn balls so I don’t have to carry the yarn across spaces.  You will still see little wrapped areas on the back where it travels up the image but I won’t have to weave a tail for each color on each row.  I know there are crocheters out there who do it – you have my respect because I will find every way I can so I won’t have to!

If you want to make these patterns click on my affiliate link to purchase the book >

Wildlife Cable Afghans


Pattern Review

180708 pic 2

This week I have a different kind of find for you.  It is a show on Netflix called Nailed It.  It is a hot mess served on a tray of O.M.G.  The show takes people who really can’t decorate a cake past putting on the candy letters that go on kid cakes.  They take these poor people and give them detailed Pinterest type cakes that you would find in the display window of a professional bakery.  It is one of my favorite things to watch while I am crocheting now.  If you have Netflix give it a try.  You won’t be sorry.  You might want to eat cake though, so if your dieting wait till your done.



crafting with felt

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