Stitchin’ Saturday #74


Maybe I should start calling this Stitching Sunday?

This week I didn’t get that crafty.  I worked on a Christmas present for my In-laws > They want a duplicate of my Lavender Fields Blanket.  I have several rows done but I am stuck until I go to Joann’s and get some more of the pewter and white skeins.  I love it when someone likes something I made so much that they want one for themselves.


Instead of being crafty I spent the week cleaning my bedroom out and painting it because we bought some new furniture.  I am so excited about it I can’t stand myself.  The couch, chair and ottoman are all new.  They actually match my cat Dorian.  He was all curled up on it the other day and I sat on him because he blended in so well.  The bed we upgraded to a king size.  I got one of the mattresses that you can jump up and down on it won’t knock the wine glass over.  I love it – it is like sleeping on a giant marshmallow.


Side note:  I know that is a store bought duvet on my bed.  I have a quilt kit I bought on Craftsy during one of the sales.  I will get on that after I get done with Camp NaNoWriMo and get the first book out to my editor.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed I get it done in time for her on August 10.  I hit 46k words this week and I am shooting for 60-70K total.  Almost there.


180722 pic 1I have a new podcast for you.  I know there are those of you out there who also have it in your heart to write some kind of book.  The podcast is Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach.  I haven’t even counted how many episodes I listened to while I was painting.  I really think that if you blog, write anything you ever plan to publish then you should give her show a listen.  She doesn’t focus on one type of writing I think she would be helpful to everyone.

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