Stitchin’ Saturday #76

2This week I have spent most of my time either working on my novel or cuddling Mermaid back to health.  Good news she is feeling much better and is currently spending a week with my in-laws in the Georgia mountains.  Drum roll please  – – – which means Hubby and I are home alone for a week! Until we drive up for a few days to get her.

I know you Moms out there are going to be jealous.  Yesterday I slept till 10 am.  Granted Hubby and I binged watched a show till 2 am but 10 am!  I didn’t eat my meals on a schedule.  Dinner was not ready by 6 pm and I may or may not have skipped wearing pants.  It was a pretty damn nice day.

I have been crafty this week!  I have been spending all my crochet time working on my Gaithersburg Stole.  I love this thing.  The cables are not that intricate so I can work on it while watching tv which is a big check mark on the awesome pattern check list for me.


It is going to be so thick that I can wear it out on a freezing night and not need a jacket.  I am hoping it will be perfect for school runs this winter.  I always feel like a goof wearing the huge jacket when there are guys walking around in shorts.  True they don’t have the same problem controlling thier body temp that I do but I still feel like a goof.

I took my wip and the notebook I keep track of the pattern in to the indoor play area and worked on it while Mermaid played.  I was having a nice moment all by myself.  A dad walked by stopped looked at the notebook and asked if I like to break code for fun.  I just rolled my eyes and wiggled my wip at him like that would explain everything.   Though I guess if you just walk by this mess it would look like a code.


Pattern Reviewbook coverMy find this week is a website called Wattpad.  They have two apps – one Wattpad that has all kinds of self published works – novels in every genre, non-fiction, poetry, fan fiction, and even some journals.  Then there is After Dark – this has steamy romances exclusively.  Oh my giddy aunt are these books steamy.  The best part is the apps and the website are all completely free.  I have seen a few ads when your searching for a book in the directory area but you don’t have to pay to read the stories and there are no ads in the copy.



Ada's JouranlI have been hearing great things about it on writing podcasts that I listen to and signed up to see if there were any books that I like to read.  (A reading habit like mine is expensive and if I can find a way to get books for free I am going to try it.)  I am not going to lie there is a lot of New Adult books on Wattpad or fade to black types but I have found a few that I am loving.

If you check it out please check out my books on it.  Let me know what you think.  My books are going to be about witches and shifters falling in love in a small town in North Georgia.

Click here for my link to my stories on Wattpad.  

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