Stitchin’ Saturday #77

2I know that I told you about the property we bought in the Blue Ridge mountains, well my in-law’s house is done and they took Mermaid up there for a week before school starts.  Hubby and I drove up and spent a few days with them hanging out and driving around the little town.  That part was awesome.  The bad part was I didn’t have my novel document open on my pc before we went (I save it on One Drive so it can’t get accidently deleted from my pc, but you have to have internet connection to get to it.  Turns out they don’t have the internet at the mountain house yet.  So I toted my laptop down to the town thinking I would find a place with free wi-fi.  Nope.  None of the resteraunts, not the one Starbucks (inside the grocery store).  The library was closed (it isn’t open every day!).  So instead of working on my novel, writing some of the reviews I have on recent crochet projects or even writing this post I spent all of my free time crocheting.


I finished the Gaithersburg stole, the Celtic Cable Cowl, and started a Hooded Scarf.  I am so far into working cable projects I can’t even find the bottom of the list anymore.  I love them.

This is the Gaithersburg stole.  I used Caron Simply Soft and love it.  It is as thick as a blanket.  In the pattern they put a 5 inch fringe on each end.  I am going to try it without a few times and see if it works.  I want it to last forever, but if you put fringe on things it will get tangled, knotted, and eventually find out.  If I leave the fringe off I can toss it in the washer when I need to.


This is the Celtic Cable Cowl.  I used the fancy merino wool I bought in Switzerland.  It only took a ball and a half.  I am hoping I have enough left to make a matching hat.  I need to find a pattern for a 3 weight.




I hope to have a post of each of them up soon!  I know I have been lax this summer with putting up the reviews and pattern hacks but I have been playing with Mermaid every day, and she is so worth every minute of it!  She can even peddle up hill now on her bike.



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