Stitchin’ Saturday #78

2This week has been a long one.  Dealing with back to school, Hubby not traveling for work and kidney stones are really eating into my crochet time.  Why does being an adult come with so many responsibilities?  I really need to win the lottery and become a lady of leisure.

I have been able to work on two things this week though.  The first is the Lavender Fields blanket I am making my mother in law for Christmas.  I love this pattern and it is easy to work on while I watch tv with Hubby.  The only draw back is that I have to have an entire tub of yarn sitting in front of me when I work on it.  The dogs do not find this amusing because it takes up thier spot in front of my chair.  The small cat loves it because she just lays in the middle of all the yarn like it is the best bed in the whole world.

I am almost done with my Green Mountain Spinnery Hooded Scarf from the Cold Weather Crochet book.  The front band was the only hard part, everything else is the same pattern repeated ad I am breezing through that.


The hard part of being a prolific crocheter living in Florida is I can’t use everything I make, and I can’t help but make so many things that would be perfect for colder places.  I am sure once I move to the mountains in Georgia I will get to wear some of these beautiful things I make but there is no telling when that will be.  I have been thinking about reopening the shops on Amazon and Etsy.  What do you think?




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