Stitchin’ Saturday #79


This week I went rogue.  I created a beanie pattern for my father-in-law’s birthday.  I made it out of Caron Simply Soft because lets face it that yarn is awesome for so many reasons.  It washes in the machine so beautifully, and is always soft against your skin.  So beanie is a perfect project to use it on.


I had hubby model it for me.  Isn’t he handsome?  I might put the pattern out here for free.  Nothing ever happened to the cookie mat or the poncho I posted so does anyone really want another person putting out free patterns?  I will let you know when I design a crocheted marvel you can’t live with out.


I finished another class in the American Crochet Association program.  It is called Pattern Mastery: Sourcing and Management.  She walks you through Ravelry in ways I didn’t know you could use it.  Seriously did you know you can search patterns by the level of happiness people have rated a project?  If you have about 30 minutes a week to learn more about crocheting and yarn in general I recommend signing up.  I am not an affiliate and won’t get a single thing but the knowledge that someone else is going to love it as much as I do.  I have already dragged one of my sisters to the dark side – but it is ok because we have all the yarn!  (Insert evil laughter here)

1180902 pic 1

This week I found a new to me podcast that I have been binging on.  It is called Stitcher’s Brew.  It is based in London and hosted by sewing friends Gabby and Megan.  It popped up in one of my feeds as a podcast I might like, I listened to the first half of the latest episode and realized I needed to start at the beginning.  So all of my podcast listening this week has been their show.  Every episode so far is like you are sitting in the corner of the room working away while they chat and you can just nod and enjoy the moment.  If you get a chance you need to give them a listen.

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