Stitchin’ Saturday #81

This week I have been working on the Lavender Fields Blanket for my mother-in-law’s Christmas present and that has been pretty much it.  I did go shopping and bought more yarn in one trip to Joann’s than I have all year.  I am proud to say that I have only bought yarn 2 other times all year.  Once on my summer family trip and the yarn for the blanket.  Other than that I have been working out of my stash and trying to whittle it down.

I have a stock pile of Red Heart that would make the racks at the store look sad.  Not lying there are 6 full size totes in my garage of Red Heart from when I was selling amigurumi stuffed animals and dolls on Etsy and Amazon.  I need to find something to make with all that yarn and get it out of there soon.

I got the yarn for Mermaid’s birthday sweater.  It is going to be the Sassy Stripes sweater from the Topsy Turvy pattern book.  Mermaid has decided to change the dark purple for a soft green – because that is her favorite color.  I am going to hack the sleeves so they are long for the winter instead of short.  If you want to make one click my affiliate link here to buy a copy for your own.

Funny story – I was working on the blanket tonight sitting here minding my own business.  Mermaid gets the yarn for her sweater out of the bag in my office and brings it to the living room.  She sits down next to me, takes the bands off the yarn and tried to start rolling it into balls.  I asked what she was doing, she said she is excited about the sweater and wants to get the yarn ready so I can start working on it.  —— > Go ahead and guess what I started working on this weekend? Free Projects, Tutorials and Webinars

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