Stitchin’ Saturday #82


This week has been pretty awesome.  I felt better and got more done than I have in a while.  There was cooking and house cleaning, a day at the library working on my book, a soccer game where Mermaid dominated and scored 4 goals for her team.


The best part is that I finished Mermaid’s birthday sweater for this year.  I did the Strippy Sweater from the Topsy Turvy pattern book by Leisure Arts.  I ended up doing a hack to make the sleeves long instead of short so she can wear it.  That is if it ever gets cold this year – which I am starting to doubt since it hit 90 again today.  All we have left to do is find the perfect pair of buttons and it is done.

If you want to try the patterns click here for my affiliate link to the book.


Pattern ReviewI haven’t been able to work on it lately but I am still interested in learning to sew clothes for Mermaid and myself.  Now that she is back in school for a few hours every day I hope to have time to make at least one thing a month.  My Find of the Week is going to help with that so much!  I heard about it on the Love to Sew podcast and had to stop what I was doing to go sign up.  It is

You can buy patterns, fabrics and supplies.  There are blog posts and pattern reviews.  You don’t get an account to track projects like Ravelry but it is an awesome resource.  I may or may not have gotten lost going through patterns for 3 hours last night.  I should probably not admit to having at least 20 patterns on my wish list.

I just have to finish 2 that I bought fabric for a few months ago.  I am trying really hard to stick to the finish one, buy for one.

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