Stitchin’ Saturday #83

When you think Fall you think of crisp cool weather, leaves changing color, and pumpkin spice everything.  Unless you live in Florida.  Today instead of wearing jeans and a long scarf I crocheted with yarn I have been hoarding I was a pool birthday party for one of Mermaid’s friends from school.  20 parents sat in chairs on a covered patio, ceiling fans spinning, in shorts and tank tops watching our little ones play in a 2 foot deep pool.


Sure I have a stack of things that I have crocheted in hopes of wearing them this year but I seriously doubt that I am going to get to wear a single one.  I am planning Mermaid’s first birthday party where she can invite friends from school.  It is going to be in November.  Pretty sure it is also going to be a pool party.  I don’t see the weather getting any cooler in the next 20 days do you?


I have been working on a new sweater for myself.  I picked the Daring Duster from the new Salena Baca pattern book.  It is the Daring Duster.  When I get it done I am going to love it.  I found some sock yarn that is variegated blues, greens and browns.  The only warning I would give anyone who wants to start the project is the whole body is done out of single crochet.  Several hundred rows of single crochet.  It is going to be beautiful.  I am going to wear it for years.  It is going to take forever to make.  Be prepared people.

black cat

This week Hubby and I have been binge watching old seasons of the Great British Baking Show that we missed some how.  Thank heavens someone invented Netflix so we can see all the baking drama that we missed.  On the upside I got lost looking for an easy Halloween cake that I could make for us this year.  This one is my favorite.  If you want to see the ten easy cakes I found that you could actually make check out my post > Halloween Cake Inspiration.  One thing that I did learn on my hunt for inspiration – you can put some candy eyes on just about anything and call it a monster.

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