Stitchin’ Saturday #84

This week I have been working on two things that are going to take forever.  There is the Daring Duster that I am making for myself.  I love how it is looking but for some reason I keep finding bits of straw woven into the sock yarn.  Personally I think you should never find bits of straw woven into commercial yarn.  I could see if I bought a hank of hand spun yarn straight from a prson who shears thier own sheep.  Maybe then.  But from yarn I bought from Joann’s and Craftsy?  Nope.  Have you found straw in your yarn before or is it just me?

The other thing I am working on is the Lavender Fields blanket for my mother in law’s Christmas present.  I love the pattern.  They look beautiful when they are done, but all those triple crochets get to you after a while.


My plan for next week is to work on the sweater while I wait for my daughter in the pick up line, and when I am waiting for some doctor appointments at the VA.  If you are going to keep a yarn project in the car to work on make sure the bag is completely closed and that no sunlight is going to hit your project when your not working on it.  You don’t want it to get a sun bleached spot on it.

At home I am going to work only on the blanket and get it done.  I feel bad because I am so far behind where I was last year in the Pigskin Party Crochet Along.  Last year I had at least 7 projects done and listed.  So far it is just the sweater I made for Mermaid’s birthday.  I have plans to make several things from the Holiday Stashdown CAL.  I even have a few of them ear marked to be Christmas gifts.  I just need to get to them.


Sweet Story of the Week

So I bought the sewing pattern for the Elsa & Anna costume dresses when it was on sale a few weeks ago so I could make the Elsa dress for Mermaid to wear on Halloween.  Last Monday I was getting ready for a day of errands and was writing down the fabric list of what I still need to get to make the dress.  Hubby saw me measuring Mermaid and writing my list.  He asked what I am planning to make.  So I explained about the outrageous price of the princess costume dresses and accessories at the big box stores and my plan to make Mermaid’s instead.  He grunted and walked away.  While I was putting on my shoes he walks over with his iPad and tells me I can skip the fabric part of my list.  He found an Elsa dress in her size for less than $20.  Then he got her the shoes, the wig, and an accessory pack.  Altogether it was less than the dress alone at the big box store.  Bonus it is all here except the wig.  The dress fits perfectly and has several layers of tulle so it stands out.  I told him he was my hero.  A few minutes later I had to fix my lipstick before heading out to run my errands.


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