Stitching Saturday #85

So this week I did something crazy. I deleted my Facebook page for the blog. Well all of my blogs but the author site to be honest. If any of you have your own blog you know everyone and their mother says you need a Facebook page to make your blog a success. Well I have had one for two years and have gotten nada from any of them. I am also getting rid of twitter, Snapchat, google plus, and MeWe.

I can’t be every where and be awesome.  It has gotten to where I only use them for pushing out notifications on posts because I just don’t like the apps. Now I have websites, pinterest to track things for me and Instagram. I had a lightbulb moment on Monday that I have stopped doing as much writing on the blog because I didn’t want to spend hours promoting it all over the web.  Honestly I would rather spend the time crafting, share the project then move on.  I am not going to make money off this blog.  It is not going to be the sole source of income for my family.  I am going to start treating it like a hobby again and see how we do.

Am I the only one who is ditching all those sites and just picking one?  Please tell me someone else has done it before and it worked for you!  Please. Anybody.

85 pic 1

As far as crocheting or any kind of crafty work goes this week it has been minimal.  Remember the ear infection we thought Mermaid was over?  Well on Monday at 11 pm she came crying out of her room with a temp of 104.5 and her eyes crusted shut.  After a trip to the emergency room I found out that the ear infection is now so bad she has blisters inside her ears and the infection spread to her eyes.  The trouble is she doesn’t get a fever unless it is apocalyptic and she won’t complain until then either.  So we have been locked in the house together all week.  If you see a flare over my neighborhood please send help.  Chocolate, midol, yarn, pizza – I promise I won’t be picky.

I have been able to work on the Lavender Fields blanket this week.  I love it when a blanket gets so large that I can use it as a blanket while I am working on it.

85 pic 2

I am looking for recommendations on hand embroidery.  My mother in law and her best friend have opened a booth in a local antique shop.  THey asked for any of the baby blankets I had left over form my days running the shop on Etsy and Amazon so I took them over.  While walking around I noticted that they have all this wall space they aren’t using.  I think I am going to make some of those little hand emboridered pics to put up in there and sell as well.  The part where you come in is – I haven’t embroidered in over ten years.  Do you have a site or class you recommend to get me up to date?  I know I could wing it but that could take me a while to get back in the swing of things.

While rooting for supplies in the craft dungeon I found this little cross stich kit that I started I don’t know how many years ago.  I always finish the cross stitching and then stall out on the back stitching part.  It drives me crazy trying to back stitch in the same pattern they do on the diagram.  I know = embroidery is mainly back stitching.  But it is not over a picture you already finished and can’t find the holes any more!

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