Stitchin’ Update #86

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Ok.  I know that I have been falling down on the job getting my post out every Saturday.  Life happens.  Now I am going to have a weekly update that I shoot for publishing on the weekend.

I have been wanting to do something beside crochet for a while now but I have not had the motivation to actually do it.  Until this week.  I hit a wall working on my novel – which is going to be out some time in November now – and pulled out a embroidery gift kit I bought on sale at Barnes and Noble.  You know the kind I am talking about.  Has a little intro booklet with some projects and a few basic supplies?  I have to admit I am loving it.  If you want to get your own click here.

86 pic 1

I traced the first design with one of my disappearing ink pens from quilting and just started stitching.  It is pretty easy – all backstitch and satin stich.  Just 3 feathers in a cluster.  But I love how it is turning out.  I hope to finish it tonight and have pictures ready for the update next week.  I already have a couple more little projects in the book planned as soon as I get more fabric.

86 pic 2.png

This got me to looking on Amazon for embroidery pattern books.  You know the ones with sassy sayings.  Turns out it has been a long time since I have looked at books that were not just crochet and quilting related.  There are so many crafty things out there I want to do!  I bought an encyclopedia of embroidery stitches, a book of mandalas to embroider, and the one I am really excited about is completely different – Little Traveler.  It is a book of little felt dolls you can make on the machine/ by hand.  There are little girls, a bear, a fox, a squirrel and a hedgehog.

Mermaid loves to watch a show called Masha and the Bear.  I swear the little doll loos just like Masah.  I plan on making her a set of those for Christmas.  Her little head is going to explode.

I have made progress on the Lavender Fields blanket for my In-law’s Christmas.  I have 2 colors stripes left and then I just need to tuck the tails.  I hope they love this thing.



Funny Story of the Week

86 pic 3I am still working on the Daring Duster in the car while I wait for Mermaid to get out of school every day.  Today was warm so I had the windows down, earbuds in my ears listening to the latest Stitcher’s Brew podcast and winding another skein into a ball for the sweater.

< I feel it is important to let you know now that Mermaid goes to a private Christian school with a gate and everything so I feel fine having earbuds in and my windows down while I wait in the parking lot to pick her up.  Never in a year and a half has anyone approached my car.  >

A hand reached in the window and tapped me on the shoulder today.  I screamed threw my yarn ball at them.  It took me a full minute to realize a lady was the one trying to get my attention.  By the time I caught my breath she was backed up and looking freaked out.

She just wanted to tell me that she liked the colors in my project and ask what I have been working on every day.

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