Stitchin’ Saturday #87

Have you ever planned a birthday party for a little girl turning 5?  That is what I have been up to this week and I am a hot mess.  Organizing cake, pizza order, games, decorations, then worrying about the number of people who have not RSVP’d.  Seriously this is more stressful than the corporate New Years Eve I had to plan and host for 100 people in downtown Fort Worth.

Add in the fun of Halloween, and lets just say I completely fell of the diet wagon.  It was more like I was pushed off the top onto a muddy road, then the driver turned the wagon and horses around and chased me through a field.  Got to love that Halloween candy.  We had a blast before I got knocked off the wagon though.  Hubby and I dressed up as Christine and the Phantom of the Opera, Mermaid dressed up as Elsa.  There was a moment trick or treating when I thought I would need to beat a desperate house wife off my Hubby when he walked Mermaid to the door.

87 pic 1.png

I have been able to get some crafting doen this week too.  I finally finished the Lavender Fields blanket for my In-law’s Christmas present.  I got 12 rows done on the Daring Duster in the car waiting for Mermaid in the afternoons.  I also just finished a beanie hat for her.

Well it is supposed to be for her to match the birthday sweater I made her.  Something went very wrong with the gauge.  The band started out right.  I tested it on her head before I moved on to the body.  Now it is to big.  Honestly it fits my head.  I think I can sew some elastic thread into the brim area and make it fit her head better.

Funny Story of the Week

IMG_3594Mermaid dressed up as Elsa for Halloween like I said.  She had a blast out trick or treating in the neighborhood.  Why?  Because on our street most people put a chair in the driveway and hand out candy from there.  Most houses saw her coming and played Let It Go on thier phones.  She thought it was the most amazing thing ever.  At one point we passed a little girl dressed as Anna.  No lie she ran over and asked Mermaid if she wanted to build a snow man.  I almost died.




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