Stitchin’ Saturday #88

This week I am going to share a story.  Just one story.  Next week I will go back to telling you about my WIPs and crafty drama.  Promise


I have told y’all before how I like to take my crochet with me when I know that I will be sitting some where and waiting for an appointment or what ever.  Last week I had an appointment at my VA for a consult on a surgery I have coming up.  I always bring my crochet because they are notorious for extremely long waits.

I checked in, found myself a double chair out of the way (got to have room to move your arms), and pulled out my WIP.  After a while I noticed an older man move chairs.  He had been sitting about thirty feet away and moved to the wall opposite of me about 5 feet.  He just sat and watched me crochet for at least ten minutes.  I smiled at him and just kept working.

Eventually I finished the ball I was working with and had to stop and roll another skein into a ball.  As you know you don’t have to stare at the yarn when you hand wind it into a ball so I let my eyes wander around the different waiting areas hoping that my name would be called soon.

I glanced past the old man and noticed he was tearing up, still staring at my yarn.  I asked him if he was ok, and dug the pack of Kleenex out of my purse to offer him one.

He started apologizing and saying things about how he never cries.  In all honesty if ever there were people who should be able to cry in public, in my opinion, it would be the men and women at the VA.  They have seen some shit, they have done some shit, and it needs to come out at some point.

After talking to him a moment he told me that he used to help his wife by winding her yarn for her.  She didn’t like the ball winders and when she did it herself the balls always turned out like eggs because she forgot to rotate while winding.  So he would wind her yarn and she would knit.  She died a ‘while back’ (he didn’t say how long exactly) and he missed her.  So seeing me sitting there crocheting and winding yarn brought it all back for him.

So we talked about the kinds of things she liked to knit and crochet, what the last thing she made for him was, and how he gave thier grand daughter all her yarn and crafty things when she passed away, because she had been teaching her how to do it.  When his name got called to see the doctor he patted me on the shoulder and thanked me for talking to him about yarn, crochet, and his wife.


Over the years I have had comments asking what I am making, how pretty the color is, and that kind of thing.  I even had one lady ask me for the name of a pattern so she could look it up for herself.  I have never talked to someone about a loved one who passed away who liked to crochet and knit.  I hope I will see him again one day at the VA and we can talk about what I am working on again.

The moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to bring your WIP with you.  You could make someone’s day just sitting there being you.

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