Stitchin’ Saturday #89

Last week was crazy.  There were doctor appointments, impromptu shopping trips with the In-laws and I swear I had lunch with someone everyday last week.  Friday night I am not going to lie I hid in my room “folding laundry” and played a game on my phone.  It was awesome.

I have been getting ready for Thanksgiving and then putting up the Christmas tree on Friday.  I realized a few things looking at my stuffed to the gills garage.  One I need to do a serious clean out and get rid of things that I know we are not going to use any more.  Two I have way to much yarn in totes out there. 

I used to buy it in bulk when I had the Etsy & Amazon stores.  Then last January when I put them on a temporary vacation I just took all that yarn and put it in the garage.  What I need to do is to reopen the stores and make things to put in them.  There is no way I am going to make anything for our house with 90 skeins of jumbo 1 pound yarns from Red Heart and Caron.  So back to making dolls and bags for me.  

Fun Story of the Week

So I have been working on the patterns in the Holiday 2019 Stashdown CAL.  I bought the yarn for the Snowberries Scarf from Kristen Holloway Designs.  I read the pattern.  Figured out where all the stitches and chains went, and I did about 10 repeats with my pretty blue yarn.  I had to start over because the gauge was to loose and you couldn’t tell where the ‘V’ stitches were.  I started over but used a thinner white yarn that has great drape.  Everything looked good except the bobbles were no where near as full as the example picture.

So like any crocheter in 2018 I put a picture up on Instagram and asked for ideas on why my bobble didn’t match the pattern example.  In less than ten minutes Kristen commented on my post and told me I needed to double my yarn overs to get the fatter bobbles. 

How awesome is that?  

So I started over with the blue again and a smaller hook to tighten up the gauge.  I doubled up the yarn overs and now I am rocking right along on the scarf.  Once you get to the pattern repeats it is easy and you won’t have to keep look at the pattern.  The one I am working on right now is going to be for a sister in law for Christmas.  I am really considering making one for myself in a green.  

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