Stitching Saturday #90

 This week I have been working on my army. No really I have been making a dozen little ornaments of Mrs. Claus.  My mother in law wanted a handmade present to give to her Red Hat group during the Christmas exchange.  She saw a picture of the one I made as a teacher gift and decided she wanted some too. 

 I love it when people see something I make and want one. Doesn’t it just give you a warm fuzzy like you could cover the world in yarn if it would just stand still long enough?

I found these in a book of crochet Christmas ornaments that I am going to make all of one day.  I will do a post about it later this week when I am done with the ornaments. 

Fun Story of the Week

Mermaid decided the other night she didn’t want her dinner.  There was fussing, there were tears, and she ended up losing her dessert for the night. In the aftermath we are sitting together at the table and she sees that Elf on the Shelf is on the bar. 

Now she remembers elf and that he is a spy for Santa. She asks what he is doing out in the living room, is already spying for Santa, and why has no one told her that he arrived so she could tell him hello? I told her yep he is going to tell Santa all about dinner time ( like any good mother would ). She looks at him all squinty eyed and asked how he is going to tell Santa. I told her he has a magic cell phone and texts Santa’s workshop updates. That it all happens by magic after we go to bed. 

She sits a minute and then comes back with he should not use magic she can’t see because that’s just rude. 

I laugh and go put away some laundry. 

I come back and notice elf is missing. I look around.  There is two little feet sticking out from undera pillow. I lost it. 

Elf wasn’t going to be tattling on her for not eating her dinner. 

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