Stitchin’ Saturday #91

This week I made a couple of ear warmers for Christmas presents.  One because my sister in law asked for it, the other because I was volunteered by proxy to make it for a friend of a friend.  They both wanted a gray body with black flower, so it was easy to whip out one each night.

The ear warmers turned out so cute I am going to make myself one too.  I just have to buy another ball of grey before I can finish it.  The pattern is called the Valentine Romance Headband you can find the link on my Ravelry account.  I plan on getting my hair chopped off at my salon appointment and I think crazy curls spilling out around the ear warmer/ headband is going to be super cute.  

I took Mermaid up to the Ronald McDonald house this week and we were finally able to drop off the donation blanket for her birthday this year.  It is better late than never, but I just can’t walk in there with a cold.  Those families really don’t need to deal with people bringing the cold bug in there.  The ladies were nice as always and let me snap a picture of Mermaid handing over the blanket.  Like every year she wanted to walk back there and find a kid to give the blanket to, she doesn’t understand that they give them to the kids who can use them. 

Good news.  Remember the Mrs. Claus army I created for my Mother-in-law’s Red Hat Group?  Well, she gave them out on Wednesday and they were loved.  One lady even asked where I got the pattern so I sent her a copy of the book.  She ordered it sitting at the table during lunch.  I love it when people love the things I make, just gives me a warm squishy feeling.  

Funny Story of the Week

I made Mermaid a little shawl/ cape out of a left over skein of Cottonish yarn I found in my stash.  It is her favorite shade of green and I thought she would love it.  I bought a pretty little daisy flower button to close it at her neck and gave it to her as an early Christmas present.  I told her that she could wear it when it is mostly warm but she just needs a little something on her shoulders.  The morning I gave it to her was warm (high 60’s) and she loved it.  

I let her wear it to school and thought she would take it off and put it on a hook like she does her jacket.  I was wrong.  She wore it all day.  She tells everyone it is her Anna (from Frozen) cape and her Mommy made it becasue I love her.  

She has worn it to school several times and keeps it on all day.  Then the funny part happened.  The weather dipped back down and it was 42 degrees that morning.  I explained that she needed her puffy coat and as much as she loved the cape couldn’t wear it that day.  I went to grab my purse and came back.  She had the cape on wrapped up around her neck like a big infinity scarf over her puffy jacket.

She saw me watching her and I swear to Heaven said, “What? You do this with your big scarves.  Now I will be warm around the neck on the walk in then warm in my class when I take off my jacket.”  

How do you argue with that?

4 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday #91

  1. I have seen that pattern popping up all over the place this week. Could not figure out shape logistics, wondering if pom-pom was strategically place to go IN ear. 😀 I got it now! I will be making me a specific item to keep me warm.

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    1. I always have trouble figuring out where the flower goes just looking at it. I have to put it on my head and mark the spot with a stitch marker to make sure it doesn’t look wonky. Or if you can get someone to sit still long enough you can put it on them to figure out placement!

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