Stitchin Saturday 92

Last weekend was nuts, and I just realized it is Thursday. Seriously. The week just passed me right by.

Why was it so nuts I forgot what day it was until today? Well last Friday I had to do some Mom things for Mermaid’s school. Saturday was spent prepping food for an early Christmas get together with my Sister in law to exchange presents with everyone – her, her hubby and thier best friends are going to Las Vegas from Dec 22 – Jan 2. Lucky them right? They will be eating from a buffet on Christmas Day and they won’t have to cook or clean a dang thing.

Sunday was spent over at their house. There was eating, hanging out, presents and a turtle tempertantrum. (They are babysitting a turtle for a friend and it doesn’t like thier house at all.) When we got home on Sunday I spent the night baking 5 dozen cookies for Mermaids school class party, then 2 big pans of brownies for her Girl Scout party.

Monday was spent ferrying her around and remembering to bring the baked goods and presents for each party.

In the middle of all of that I spent time working on the Daring Duster that I am making for myself. I have a few more rows to go on the back, then just the sleeves and pockets to finish up. If I focus I might even get it finished in time for Christmas.

Fun Stories of the Week

Ok I have two stories and I can’t decide which is better.

Story 1 – Mermaid went caroling with the girls in her girl scout group last week at a nursing home. Some of the girls were trying to decide what they should sing. One pipes up with lets sing the one about red noses. Several girls get excited and start chanting Rudolph! The know it all of the group pipes in with, “Well it could be about Santa. He has a red nose too you know.” Another little girl walks up to the group. Her contribution was, “Well lots of people have red noses. Rudolph, Santa’s because he is cold, or my uncle Jerry – he is an alcoholic.” Every parent there suddenly found the ceiling very interesting. I swear if I made eye contact with a single person I would have lost it.

Story 2 – I took Mermaid to the girl scout party. Walked her in, set down the brownies and told her I was going to wait down the hall in the chairs. I walked down and spent a good 45 minutes balancing my laptop in my lap working on my book. I walked back up a few minutes before the party was supposed to end to wait for her. She saw me and came out with the biggest sad eyes you have ever seen. I asked her what was the matter. I thought her gift from the exchange was bad. She shakes her head and proceeds to inform me, “These girls have no manners. They wouldn’t behave during the game and then they ate all of the brownies you made and I didn’t get a single crumb. Not one! They didn’t save me one.” All the parents in the hallway again found the ceiling interesting. I promised her we would make another batch for us the next day. She shook her head, pointed at her belly, and said, “That would be awesome for tomorrow Mommy, but my belly wants a brownie now.”

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