Stitchin’ Saturday #93

I swear I own a calendar.

All of my crafting for the last week has been catching things up for Christmas presents. I realized the day before Christmas Eve that I had finished 5 different presents – but I had not tucked a single tail on any of them. So I spent 2 days tucking tails on a full size blanket, 3 scarves, and a couple of hats.

I also spent several afternoons working on a quilt I started for Mermaid a few years ago. The pattern is a pretty one that was designed for jelly roll sets. I made the squares thinking it was going to be awesome. Until I had the top assembled. I hate it. The design is lost because of the fabrics. I put the shades (darks, lights, and solids) where they were supposed to go according to the pattern but it just looks like a jumble to me.

I am currently mad at my Daring Duster sweater. I finished the body and seamed the shoulders. Turns out it is to small. I made it without changing anything and with perfect gauge. I am upset with it. I was going to wear it on my trip to the mountains next week. Now it is in a bag, in the corner of the craft room thinking about how it let me down.

When Quilting Goes Wrong

I went ahead and layered it with the batting and the backing, but still didn’t love it. So I switched from the quilting pattern that I planned on doing to just knotting every other corner. I used white embroidery floss and cut it at finger width. I pulled it out and worked on it every couple of months but kept putting it away because it makes me sad to look at it.

I am proud to say I finished all the knotting this week. The only thing left is to square the edges and put on the binding. I tried to do it this afternoon, but it will have to wait until Mermaid heads back to school.

Turns out that even though I don’t like it she loves it.

Have you ever spent so much money and time on a project that you can’t just trash it but you really don’t want to keep going? How did you handle it?

Funny Story of the Week

I told you how I am dealing with some big kidney stones right now. Part of dealing is drinking an insane amount of water and cutting down on soda. (Not something I enjoy doing.) We had lunch at my in-laws. I was good and drank my water all morning, during the presents, and while we hung out. When it was time to sit down for the big meal Hubby asked if I was ready for a soda. Of course I told him yes. He went to the garage to get one but could only find diet and caffeine free – I can’t have either. I was disappointed and grabbed my water.

After everyone was sitting at the table my sister in law hopped up to get herself a drink. Guess what she came back with from the garage? A Pepsi.

I thought I whispered to my husband “Look what she found.”

Turns out it was not a whisper. Hubby looked and saw the Pepsi. Everyone turned and saw the Pepsi. Everyone at the table knows Pepsi is my one addiction. They also know that Hubby was unable to find me one in the garage.

Hubby offered her $50 to pass the Pepsi over before she opened it. My brother-in-law told her to set the can down and step away. My father in law pulled out his wallet and was getting out cash. My daughter started laughing her evil villan laugh. I stared at the can like a toddler seeing a kitten for the first time.

She passed it down the table and everyone started cracking jokes. She went back to the garage and got another.

After I opened my Pepsi, she sat down with hers, and everyone started eating again the jokes didn’t stop. Honestly I didn’t care because I had a Pepsi.

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