Stitching Saturday #94

Hello from the Mountains!  The family and I escaped after Christmas for a week on the mountain and I am loving it.   This is the view from the back of our mountain. 

As I was putting the Christmas decorations away before we left I had to work around 12 tote crates full of yarn, fabric, and jewelry findings. I made the decision that I will need to reopen my store on Etsy. There is no way I will ever be able to use up all of it otherwise and I made a promise to myself that I can only buy materials for one project a year until I can fit all of my yarn and fabric stashed in less than 4 totes.   

So on the drive up here I brought the yarn to start working on some amigurumi dolls. I have one almost finished and plans to make at least one a day during the trip. 

The store is going to be done differently this time. I am going to make the things then list the things. Not make one and list a dozen options. Screw that it was way to stressful. 

Fun story of the week. 

We live in the south. We are pretty southern. Mermaid takes her accent very seriously. 

You should hear her say “morning”. There are six syllables and a u shows up so it sounds like “mourrrnnninn”

Well my Mother-in-law loves the way she says it so she prompts her all day to say it. After the fifth time today Mermaid looked at her and said “Nonny do you have a memory problem?  Mommy can take you to the doctor. I have said mornin to you a dozen times today.”  

Then leaned it over and put her hand on her forehead to check for a fever. 

I almost died when I fell off the couch laughing. 

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