Stitchin Saturday #95

I hate to say it but we had to leave our mountain retreat and head back to reality this week. Mermaid had to go back to school on Thursday and Hubby had a job on Friday.

Honestly if it were up to me I would sell our house in Florida today and go live in my in-laws basement until I could build our house on the lot next door. But as a responsible adult with responsibilities I won’t. I really want to though. Look at the view I have from the table where I wrote while there. It just makes me happy.

I brought a lot of yarn for the trip to work on random projects for when I reopen the Etsy & Amazon stores. My original plan was to go back to making the animals that sold well before. After I made one I decided that is not going to be the plan. I am tired of making the animals using someone elses pattern. Instead I started working on my own.

There was a lot of frogging, judging, and adjusting but I have the body, legs and arms figured out. The animals are going to be smaller than before but the legs will be part of the body so I don’t have to sew them onto the bottom. If any of you make amigurumi you know what a pain in the patootee it is to sew the legs on one of those things evenly. I am not going to lie – if I could figure out how to make the arms part of the body as well I would. (if you know leave me a comment so I can know too!)

I did have a hard decision this week. I decided to close down my blog – A Bustling Home. I have worked on it off and on for a couple of years, but it never found it’s following. I tried everything – changing the design, changing the articles, narrowing the focus, I even paid someone to analyze it and find what the problem was. Nothing worked so as of today I have closed the Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook page, Mix, and Flipbook accounts for it. The site itself is going to close on February 1 when Siteground closes the account.

On one hand I am depressed because I have put a lot of effort into the site. On the other hand I have a sense of relief that I won’t have to try so hard to find things to write about and can spend that time on other things that will make me happier. I know you chicks don’t really know that much about it but I feel ike I need to tell someone that I am closing that door.

Funny Story of the Week

While in the mountains we took a trip to our favorite orchard store. Mercier in Blue Ridge. They have a bakery, a bistro, an apple stand, toy room, knick-knacks for your kitchen, jams, jellys, baking kits, the list just keeps going, but they also have a little wine tasting room.

In the wine tasting room they have a selection of wines from local wineries and the different hard ciders they make with their apples there. They have a variety of tastings you can buy as well. You know that works right? They give you 3-5 little cups so you can try the different drinks and see which one you want to buy.

This trip Hubby discovered that they sell the ciders in a bottle called a “growler” that aren’t sold in the bottles out front (think 6 packs of beer). So he ordered a tasting to split with his dad. Mermaid was standing there with him. The lady asked if Mermaid wanted a little glass of apple juice. He said yes.

Hubby brought the tray over to a table I nabbed and went back for napkins or something. I sat at the table with Mermaid drinking her juice happy as a clam. A lady walked by and gave me a weird look. I figured my curly hair had gone crazy and ignored her. A minute later she came back and stood in front of me. I smiled and raised my eyebrows.

“I can’t believe your letting a kid that little drink alcohol! And right here in the tasting room, you should be ashamed.”

I know my face went from open and friendly to I am fixing to unleash the hounds of hell upon you. Before I could say anything Mermaid pipes up with “It is so delicious you should go get some.”

The Nosy Nelly grabbed her scarf like a 50’s housewife clutching her pearls.

An evil grin on my face I pointed at the lady who helped us and told her to go ask that lady for a glass she seemed like she needed one. Nosy Nelly walked over and talked to the bartender (?). She told her that I was letting my daughter drink alcohol and they had to call the cops. The bartender looked at me then at the lady like she was crazy. After a minute she handed Nosy Nelly a cup and told her to try what the little girl is drinking.

She did.

It was juice.

Then the bartender pointed at me and told her to go apologize. Nosy Nelly did not apologize. She stomped right by me like I had offended her. Really. Like I was the one in the wrong.

It wasn’t really funny until Mermaid called after her, “It is good juice huh?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. My daughter is just so darn helpful.

3 thoughts on “Stitchin Saturday #95

  1. Kudos to your daughter for being right on cue and kudos to you for not taking that woman to task mama bear style. I, being a loud Italian woman who cusses like a sailor would’ve had to tell my daughter to cover her ears. Hahaha. 😀 Great story. Sorry about your other blog. I checked it out. I think it’s fabulous. I wish I had known about it sooner. Oh well. You can always blend a little from there over here, maybe? – Happy New Year and good luck moving near your mtn view. I live in Idaho so I know that view well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was one second from going full on grizzly on Nosy Nelly.
      Hubby was a sailor and I cuss him under the table all the time. (Probably why I never lasted in the Mommy Groups). I am glad you liked the other site. I had fun with it and will probably drag a few things over this way. I received a bunch of Hygge books at Christmas so be on the look out.

      Liked by 1 person

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