Stitchin’ Saturday 96

This week I had a big ‘ah-ha’ moment. I was listening to a podcast while I cleaned the house. The guest was talking about goals we set and ways to achieve them. Then she said something that made me stop cleaning and pay attention (not that it is that hard to get me to stop cleaning). She said that once you create a goal, you have your action plan, and you start working on it …… you can decide to let it go.

Yep you can decide nope this isn’t something I want to do after all.

It hit me that there is no goal police that is going to come and put me in jail for not hitting every goal I set. To be clear I am all about finishing things that I start. I have been fighting my way through Mermaid’s jelly roll quilt for 2 years because I don’t like how the top turned out but I need to finish it.

Anywho, with this new found freedom I have decided to let the Moogly square tips to make them solid go. It was great the first year I did it. It helped me create content when I didn’t know what to do. I made great blankets that I donated to the Ronald McDonald house in Pensacola. I made the goal to do it again in 2018. I did 4 squares on time, the rest have been dragging along like a chain of guilt for a year. I have them all written out in the planner, on my to do list, I have a whole tote of yarn and notes. But I really don’t like doing granny square blankets. So I am letting it go.

My plan for this year is to do projects from classes on line and share those tips and tricks. I have Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), Annies Creative Studio, and Creative Bug. I am going to finally branch out from just crochet and try some of the other classes. If you want me to do a specific class leave a comment below and I will try it!

I finished the Furls Snow Cape this weekend. I had a scare that I wouldn’t have enough yarn because the color I used was discontinued. Some how I found 3 skeins in the bottom of a box in the studio last night. I have no idea how they got under all that fabric but I am so happy they were there.

Here is a teaser pic of the cape before the final round of posts at the bottom and the collar.

Girl Scout Cookies

Mermaid is selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time. If you want some click the link below. They have a secure website where you can order & pay directly with the Scouts, she gets credit for her badge, and the cookies are sent right to you.

Her troop is raising money to help pay for the books, badges and things they need for the whole year. There is a possibility of the troop taking a trip to Savannah in the summer if they raise enough money for everyone to go.


Fun Story of the Day

A crown broke of my back molar and fell out during lunch. I freaked out. I called my dentist and they were closed for the weekend already. So I had a panic attack while Hubby is trying to find me an emergency dentist.

I was sitting on the couch trying to calm myself down and Mermaid came over and started patting me on the shoulder. She handed me one of those little drawstring bags necklaces come in.

“Here Mommy. I have been saving this bag for when I loose a tooth. If you put your tooth in here, put it under your pillow, then the Tooth Fairy will give you a dollar.” She kissed my cheek and said, “Just think with a dollar we can buy a box of brownies.”

One – I have the best kid ever. Two – there is no chance she was switched at the hospital. No chance at all.

One thought on “Stitchin’ Saturday 96

  1. Funny how sometimes something you hear or see really hits the mark. Goals – oddly enough – was something I discussed with a friend last week. I am rather a procrastinator and put off a lot as I can do it ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’. He said focus on a goal, if a goal is large break it down into smaller goals, aim to finish one a day and let some go if you feel they won’t make you happy or change your life!

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