Stitchin’ Saturday #98

Sorry I missed last week but the dental surgery didn’t go as planned. I developed dry socket where he had to pull the roots of the tooth where I broke the crown and to make a horrible story short, I have spent the last two weeks thinking I was going to die. Good news antibiotics are awesome.

For the last two weeks I haven’t had much energy but what I have I spent designing the first blanket in a line of playmats for babies. They are going to be so cute. After I finished the wolf blanket for Mermaid I had the brilliant idea to design some for my online store I plan to reopen this spring.

The first is a bunny. I finished the body of the blanket, the border and tucked the tails on all of it last night, today I need to make the eyes and the pink part of the ears and stitch them on. I am torn on how much to charge for the finished blanket though. That is the rub though huh? Those of you who sell the things you make will understand. There is no way to make a full living off the things you make – unless you are the sweater lady from Scotland who has a 3 year wait list to get on her todo list which is already 2 years long. I don’t think she even has Instagram.

100 Day Project #1 Embroidery

I started my first 100 Day Project on the first and I am so excited. For the first project I am doing embroidery because I want to get my stitches perfect and possibly add some to the store as well. I spent a week finding all the different places I had embroidery floss squirelled away and organizing it on bobbins in boxes so I can actually use it. I ordered some simple iron on transfers from Amazon, a book with mandala patterns to embroider, and I have been stalking the website I found that has all of the designs I love. (I may already own 30 and haven’t worked a single one.)

I am starting small with another design from the Sew Boho craft box that I bought. I love these little boxes. If you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money to try something new they are a great way to dip your toes in the water.

I started my challenge on February 1, 2019. I made the guidelines for my challenge easy – I have to spend 5 minutes a day working on embroidery then post a pic on Instagram. Any pattern, any reason, just sit down for at least 5 minutes and get some stitching done. So far so good.


If you want to try one make sure to go to the right website. There is one for professionals and then the one for anyone who wants to develop a habit or skill. The one crafters use is 100 Day Projects. You can sign up on the website and declare your project, they have 2 that they are doing kind of like a CAL but you can pick what ever you want. The way I learned about this was on a podcast where the host didn’t have time to do a physical project so she did 100 days of pep talks on the little videos on Instagram.


Funny Story of the Week

Mermaid was chatting with Hubby the other day while they were cooking dinner. I am sitting on the couch with an ice pack to my face trying to make the pain stop for a bit when I hear her little voice ask if he wants to hear her new joke. Now these are good so I perked up and listened in.

She didn’t disappoint.

Mermaid: What do you call a person without pets?

Hubby: I don’t know what?

Mermaid: A loser. A lonely loser.

Hubby laughed so hard he scared the dogs. I laughed and hurt my face. She just kept spreading the garlic butter on the bread.

I love my kid.

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