Stitchin’ Saturday #101

First of all I want you to know I am so patting myself on the back right now for getting this out on time.

Ok now that is out of the way lets talk about all my crafty things.

I finished the Rainbow Dash doll from the My Little Pony Crochet Kit. It is a sad little thing that would have been the perfect friend for that zombie doll Lilo carried around. You will never see a picture of it anywhere. I threw out the scraps that were left – there was not enough to make the second doll as promised so what was the point of keeping it? I stuck the book on my shelf and one day I will do another with Red Heart yarn for her. There wasn’t enough yarn to do the mane, body or tail as instructed. There definitely wasn’t enough for the wings. My recommendation is if you want to make the dolls is the book seems solid and worth the cost of the kit (especially if you get it on sale or can use a coupon) just do not use the yarn provided.

I rocked out in the car this week working on my poncho. I had another person walk up and knock on my window to ask what I was doing. Normally I don’t mind when people interrupt me to ask what I am working on. Sometimes I get sweet moments like the older man at the VA. Sometimes I get a Nosy Nelly trying to tell me that I am doing it wrong. Most of the time I get compliments on the pattern, yarn or what not. My only request is for the love of all things holy do not rap your knuckles on my car window to talk to them about crochet. First you are going to scare the bejezus out of me. Second you are going to make me paranoid that people are watching me in the parking lot. This leads to me parking in different areas of the parking lot every day to avoid being spied on.

The funny thing was the person who scared the bejezus out of me didn’t even want to talk about the crochet. She wanted to know about the podcast I was listening to. (I had the sun roof open and she could hear it in her car.)

Help Support Blinking Cat!!!!

Normally I don’t ask directly for anyone to click on a link to help me out. But I am going to do it today. I need 5 clicks on my Amazon Affliate link so they keep my account open for another couple of months.

If you can click on the link below to It isn’t going to change anything when you buy something. I don’t know who buys what – they just tell me I got 5 cents last week. I know it isn’t a lot but one day I hope to have more links and what not.

Amazon link for Sew Liberated

100 Day Project – Hand Sewing

I have been rocking along on my Swing Skirt from Alabama Chanin.

I am glad I did the swatch for the first stencil I bought. I stitched and cut out the biggest area, washed and dried it, then was faced with disappointment. The stencil was to small to use for reverse applique. It would be great if I wanted to just have the design embroidered on the bottom of a shirt or dress but not for this.

I looked forever trying to find a premade stencil that would work. I was convinced I would have to pick a design from one of my Cricuit cartridges and make my own. I could’t find the cutting mat so I had to take another trip to Joann’s (oh darn), lucky for me I found a Fiskar’s leaf stencil that is perfect. It is a single leaf about the size of my hand.

Using the back side of the skirt panels I played around with placement and how many leaves to stencil on. I decided I liked 3 at the bottom. After completing the first outline – but before I cut it out – I decided it needed a stem in the middle of the leaf so the white area wasn’t as large.

I finished the whole first panel yesterday and started the next. I have to admit I am loving this project way more than I did the small sampler. Instead of meeting my 5 minute requirement and moving on I spend more time each day on it. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I went into the studio and worked on it while listening to my new podcast. It was awesome.

New To Me: Podcast!

I haven’t shared a podcast with you in a while because I have been listening to ones focused on authors and indie publishing. This week I found a new one that I think y’all might like.

The Positive Pants Podcast

It is hosted by Fran Excell. She is just awesome. I listened to the latest one “How to Stay Motivated” and fell in love instantly. I went back and started at the beginning and I am up to episode 10 I think. Some of it she rehashes but I think that was just her finding her footing in a new podcast. If you want to find a little more happy in your life you need to listen to her show. So far she hasn’t been pushy that you have to change your whole life or buy specific things.

If you know of any other positive podcasts leave me a comment below so I can check them out too.

Funny Story of the Week

Remember how I told you I lost a molar with a crown in January? They had to pull it and put a crown on the tooth infront of it? Well guess what happened on Friday? I lost the back crown on the other side. I ran to the dentist and he set me up to get a new one next week. No biggie I just can’t chew anything – at all.

Here is the funny part.

In the car this afternoon Hubby asked if I wanted to go out for steaks and oysters at a nice resteraunt to celebrate a thing he accomplished this week. This was the coversation.

Hubby: Wanna go to Atlas for steak and oysters?

Me: *a longing look for steak

Hubby: Oh sorry next week

Mermaid: That is a great idea daddy. I want steaks and shrimps. Mommy can’t eat so she can stay home and read.

Me: *chin wobbles

Mermaid: Don’t you want that Mommy? Me and daddy can go to dinner and you can read in your chair? I will bring you some cake if they have it.

<Silence in the car>

Hubby: That is so your kid.

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