Stitchin’ Saturday 102

Last week was pretty awesome crafting wise.  I have decided March is the month I finish things. I have way to many Wild going on and my craft room looks like a disaster once again.  I officially finished the Furls Snow Cape – tucking tails, adding the button, took the pictures, delivered it and everything. Just like an adult. I finished the first panel of the Lavena Poncho. To do it you make two large rectangle panels, seam them add the cowl neck, then the bottom edge. So almost half way there. I also dig out the Daring Duster to finish. I got both of the pockets done and I am half way thru the first sleeve.  My Swing Skirt for my 100 Day Project is going awesome as well. I am working on the three leaves on the fourth panel right now. I am trying to decide if I want the seams to show to the front so you see the little strip of white with an exposed seam or if I want them to point inward so it is a smooth skirt. Right now I am leaning towards the exposed seam. The big problem is going to be finding a shirt to wear with it. I always lean towards monochromatic outfits. Black sweater on black leggings has been my go to for years. Now I have a brown and white skirt. I don’t have enough of the fabric for a brown top, I am thinking a green? I tried StitchFix but they won’t send actual outfits. I swear they think hey we have 2000 of these shirts every woman who is a size XL is getting one this month! Do we have pants to match? Nope. Skirt? Nope. Just send it and maybe it will match some pants. Funny Story of the Week Last month my niece called to say my sister planned on driving down to see her in college for her birthday ( my sister’s not my niece). She wanted me to meet them halfway some where on a Florida beach to surprise her. Of course I said yes. So for a month we plotted and planned. Saturday I drove to Destin to meet them for lunch at noon before driving to Henderson Beach right up Hwy 98. I got there early because I wanted to run into a shop at the outlet center. I got there parked and headed into the store texting my niece that I was there early. She texted back they just got to the resteruant and were sitting down! She had no idea that Destin is in Central time. I hopped back in the car and made it there just as the drinks were being delivered. My sister is not good with surprises and was trying to convince everyone at the tale they needed to just give her her present already. I was able to sneak up behind her and scare the bejezus out of her when they told her to turn around. She almost had a heart attack. It was awesome. We had a great lunch and she loved the beach. 

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