Stitching Saturday 103

I once thought college was going to be the death of me. Then it transferred to my hour and a half commute to work in Dallas. Now it’s a small kid with allergies.

Mermaid has Hay fever just like her dad. She starts sneezing and coughing with every change in the weather. People assume that I am walking Typhoid Mary around infecting others. Nope it’s just allergies people. Calm down.

I have been working on a new mobius scarf from a book that just happened to fall into my buggy at Joann’s. The pattern is easy and it goes quick. Hopefully I will take it with me to Scotland.

Like how I just snuck that in there? We bought our tickets and we are going to be wandering around Scotland and England for a few weeks this summer. I am so excited.

I learned something new this week on my swing skirt. The pattern calls for fold over elastic at the waist band. I have only done the elastic you encase in fabric. Well not all gold over elastic is the same. I bought some that looked like a soft tan that would match my cut outs. It was not for sewing and using as a waistband. It was meant to make kid headbands and dress straps. I need to go back to Joann’s and find some that is sturdier. If you have a suggestion let me know.

I have finished sewing the body of the wrap skirt together. I started on the waist band today. PSA if you make this skirt baste the waist band strips. Save yourself some serious drama and baste the hell out of them.

Funny Story. 

I was listening to a podcast for authors and Mermaid came in the room. She asked what I was listening to and I explained that they were teaching mommy how to write novels for people to read.  

Her:  Mommy you don’t need that. 

Me: (feeling all proud she thinks I can write stories). 

Her:  I can teach you it’s easy. 

Me: ( less happy but curious) 

Her:  you get a notebook. You use your letters to write some words. Just make sure they make sense. Not like that pig boom. Then boom your a writer. 

Her:  (pats my knee and tells me to give it my best). 
I was schooled by a 5 year old. 

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