Stitching 104

This week I haven’t gotten much progress even though I crafted my little heart out.

I worked on my wrap skirt but I think it is going to be way to big – problems am I right? So now I need to take it apart and alter it.

I need to get about 2 inches off the bottom, an inch out of the waist and find a different way to have the ties. A set on each hip is way to much bulk, I also don’t like the waist bad it is 3 layers of fabric thick and feels like I am smuggling a towel under my shirt.

I had a summer cape almost finished. I tried on the yoke and it was ok, so I did the body that is supposed to hang and wrap around my chest. It wouldn’t close over the girls. Seriously. So I had to frog the whole thing to add stitches in the yoke because the body is worked flat (no increases).

The good news is I think I can hack the cape to make it smaller for Mermaid. The green one I made her last fall is definitely to small now.

Funny Story.

You know Mermaid likes to help with chores. I walked into the kitchen this week to a surprise. She dragged her laundry basket into the kitchen, loaded the clothes into the machine, had the dials and buttons in the right place and turned on, standing on her stool trying to figure out how to pour the laundry soap into the dispenser. She knows she can’t touch it ( or any cleaning products) but she wanted her favorite dress washed. When I asked what she was doing I got this little gem:

Her: I am just knocking out some laundry. I need your help with the soap.

Me: you just need help with the soap?

Her: yep. I got everything else. Don’t worry you can help me clean the bathroom next.

Dude. She is 5.

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