The Blinking Cat Life : Revamp

I have had people ask me why I named this site the Blinking Cat Life. It is simple. Cats have the cozy life down. They eat what they want, they do what they want, and they nap on the softest spot they can find. Plus when they blink at you it means ‘I love you human.’

Over the last couple of years I have been playing with the idea of Hygge. I am the perfect person for it. I make my own soft blankets. I have a direct line to the Yankee Candle company. All I want to do is sit and read, wrapped in one of my blankets, drinking hot chocolate, by candle light. If that isn’t Hygge I don’t know what is.

When I first started my Blinking Cat blog I focused on my crochet things. I did a weekly wrap up of what I worked on and which podcasts I liked that week. I had a separate blog ‘A Bustling Home’ (closed) where I talked about all the things a person running a home had to deal with. Then there was a third blog ‘Traveling Fergusons’ (closed) where I talked about trips that I went on with my family and places I wanted to go. 

Y’all that got old really fast. Have you ever tried to keep up with three jobs at once? Not only creating content, taking the pictures, making the graphics, uploading everything to social media? I did it for two years and then I burned out. 

Changes to this site

I am going to roll it all into Blinking cat. If it in any way involves crafting a cozy life I’m gonna talk about it. 

I tried a new crafty pattern? Yep

New recipe? Yep.

Took a trip to England? You’re gonna get a highlight.

Reorganized my house? I am gonna talk about it until Marie Kondo shows up at my door to do her happy dance for me.  < Spoiler: I am doing this. You will hear about it. I pray that cute little woman shows up at my door to cheer me on at some point. >

When you start a blog the experts tell you to pick a person and write to them. My person is hard to define, so I am going to make it general — any person who is tired of having a crazy life and wants to figure out how to slow down and take time to be cozy.

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