Stitching Saturday #90

 This week I have been working on my army. No really I have been making a dozen little ornaments of Mrs. Claus.  My mother in law wanted a handmade present to give to her Red Hat group during the Christmas exchange.  She saw a picture of the one I made as a teacher gift and decided she wanted some too.   I love it when people … Continue reading Stitching Saturday #90

Crocodile Dahlia Square – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 4

This square is from KatiDCreations.  It is a pretty one that is going to be a focal point of your afghan.  If you click through to her pattern you will find all kinds of help to make your square perfect.  On her pdf download she has a link to her video on her Youtube channel that will walk you through every step of the square. … Continue reading Crocodile Dahlia Square – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 4

Stitchin’ Saturday #89

Last week was crazy.  There were doctor appointments, impromptu shopping trips with the In-laws and I swear I had lunch with someone everyday last week.  Friday night I am not going to lie I hid in my room “folding laundry” and played a game on my phone.  It was awesome. I have been getting ready for Thanksgiving and then putting up the Christmas tree on … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #89

Stitchin’ Saturday #88

This week I am going to share a story.  Just one story.  Next week I will go back to telling you about my WIPs and crafty drama.  Promise ________________________________________________________________________ I have told y’all before how I like to take my crochet with me when I know that I will be sitting some where and waiting for an appointment or what ever.  Last week I had … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #88

Stitchin’ Saturday #83

When you think Fall you think of crisp cool weather, leaves changing color, and pumpkin spice everything.  Unless you live in Florida.  Today instead of wearing jeans and a long scarf I crocheted with yarn I have been hoarding I was a pool birthday party for one of Mermaid’s friends from school.  20 parents sat in chairs on a covered patio, ceiling fans spinning, in … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #83