Crafty Bucket List

I don’t know about you but I have a never ending list of things that I want to make.  Some times I buy the pattern/ book and supplies right away and stash them in my sewing room.  Other times I just see the pattern somewhere and tell myself that I am going to remember where it is so I can make it, but I never do.

I have an account on Ravelry where I keep up with some of the patterns I find on there, and I have a crafty journal where I keep up with all the details of the projects that I have in progress.  But there isn’t really a place to keep track of all the different projects that I want to do … so I am making this page to help me keep track.  When I find something that just needs to get made I will list the details here, then as I buy the supplies, or start the project I will make blog posts about them and check them off the list.


  • Mermaid’s Birthday Sweater 2018 – DONE!
  • I want a cape for myself.  **After looking I decided to design my own!  Its a pain in the butt.  The next time someone wants to charge you for a pattern that took more than an hour to write – pay them.  Pay them what ever they ask for and then give them a gift of chocolate to make up for all the frogging they had to do to create that pattern for you! < In progress the St Andrew Cape
  • Mermaid’s fairy wings > I have the thread and the wire, a book somewhere – just need to find all of it in the craft dungeon and then make them.
  • Booties – I bought a kit on Craftsy that I keep looking at but never starting.
  • Jean Capris < Bought the pattern and fabric, need to get stitchin.
  • Tee shirt quilt for Father In Law (one memory and one just for his Marine shirts)
  • Baby clothes quilt for Amelia
  • Baby Blanket for Wally’s Baby < DONE
  • Teacher Christmas Gifts 2018 < DONE
  • The Forgotten Quilt
  • Sticks and Stones Quilt
  • The Green Starburst Quilt
  • Jeans for Me
  • Mermaid’s Easter Dress
  • Whole wardrobe for trip to Germany & Austria in June
  • Cat Houses for Lucy and Dorian