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My Story

img_1214I am a Mom, Wife, Writer, Fiber Artist, Baker, Jewelry Maker, Scrapbooker, and the list just keeps on going.  Basically if I can make it I am going to try at least once.  I used to work in corporate administration but these days I am busy raising an awesome little human – Mermaid, while running 2 blogs, online stores, and writing romance novels (that will one day be published!).

I taught myself how to crochet, knit, embroider, cross stitch, quilt, and sew.  Mostly I used books and spent hours trying to make real thread look like drawn images on a page.  I have taken over 100 online classes for these fiber arts.  I am always looking for ways to learn more about the things I love to do.  I joined the American Crochet Association and I am working through their program on Crochet Mastery.  So I feel confident sharing what I know with others and helping them learn these skills (hopefully with less cussing than I did.)


My Store:  Blinking Cat Boutique

IMG_0791I have an online shop where you can buy some of the things I make.  Why do I sell things?  My Hubby thinks there is a certain number of crochet blankets, quilts, dolls etc that I can have in our house, but I just can’t stop making them.  I also love that people like what I make enough to buy it and cherish it.

I do take bespoke orders.  If you have a pattern you want made for you please contact me at Blinkingcatblog@gmail.com.  We can discuss price, materials and time line.  Some things that I have made for people – tee shirt quilts, specific shawls, heirloom baby blankets

I sell both on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.  I have the same things listed in both places, it just depends on where you have an account that you want to order from.

Amazon Handmade > BlinkingCatBoutique

Etsy > BlinkingCatBoutique



So far I have put out reviews of things that I make for myself, and products that I actually use.  I want to share things that work with people so they can enjoy them too.  If you are a company/ designer and want me to try your product email me at blinkingcatblog@gmail.com and we can discuss it.  All my reviews are my own, and if I honestly don’t like something I will let you know why I won’t be able to review it.


Pattern Testing

I have pattern tested for crochet and knitting so far.  If you want me to test a pattern for you please email me at blinkingcatblog@gmail.com.  We can discuss timeline, expectations, and materials.  If it works out awesomely (like I am sure it will) then I can also do a blog post on it for you.