Make Along Round-ups

Like every other crafter out there I like to meet other people who love the same things that I do.  Last year I discovered my first CAL (Crochet Along) and now I am obessed with these.  Not just the CAL but the KAL, SAL, and QAL as well.  If you are unfamiliar it is an event hosted by a group or person where everyone works on something at the same time and they get together to talk about it on line somewhere.


The thing is there are some really great ones out there but unless you already follow a designer or company that has one you may never find out about it, and never get the joy of making it.  So I am going to start a monthly round up of Make Alongs here.  If you have one you want listed please just send me a message at and I will get you added!

*NOTE:  I am going to be listing the links to the original pages for these projects.  I am not going to post the patterns here because that takes away from the Host/ Designers and that’s just rude.  Also all pictures I use in these posts will be the official picture that is used on the Host’s page and they receive all credit for the work and the photo. (If I do a project I will make a separate post and let you know that it is my work.)










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