IMG_1039I have been a quilter for a long time.  General sewing is another matter all together.  I tried to make my own clothes a long time ago and gave up because I couldn’t make the office type clothes look right.  This year I am going to start sewing clothes for myself and Mermaid.

Well it was going to be just for me.  I want to work on my style and finally have clothes that I like and feel good in.  I am tired of paying for clothes that just bunch or roll or fall apart.  So I am going to teach myself how to do this.  Mermaid is going to get clothes because she insists on it.  Who am I to tell her “No Mommy isn’t going to make you a pretty dress?”


Sew My Style 2018 Challenge

SewMyStyle-Blog-ImageI am joining the Sew My Style 2018 Challenge.  They have a list of one garment per month that you can make and share with the world.  All the patterns are from Indie designers, and when you sign up you will get a coupon code for the pattern for the upcoming months.  I have no idea how much but its something.  If you want more information or to join click here for the link.  There is a Facebook group you can join to talk about each month’s make and get help if you need it.

Sunny Dress by Friday Pattern Co

Estelle Ponte Jacket by Style Arc


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