Stitchin Saturday #5

This was a good week for my stores!  I had orders for two blankets and one pig doll. The first blanket order was for a Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket in Pink.  I love this blanket.  The way the hearts stand out in the squares give it the impression of squares sewn together but it is all worked in continuous rows.  The second blanket order was … Continue reading Stitchin Saturday #5

Stitchin’ Saturday #3

This week has been a good week.  I finished several things and I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a big project.  It is almost as good as a brownie – almost.  I like to put them in the center of my dining room table so I can look at them and be excited all day.  Things I finished: -Climbing Kisses … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #3

A special order that might get stolen. 

I received a special order for a blanket.  Awesome right?  Originally I made it in green for myself. When I shared a picture of it on Facebook one of my husbands cousins wanted on to give as a birthday present. Still awesome right? I bought the yarn and started working on it. On the second day my daughter (2 yrs old) starts looking at it. … Continue reading A special order that might get stolen.