Danyel’s Square

Find Moogly’s Post for Square #2 here. Link to the pattern on Salena Baca Crochet is here. The designer for this square is Salena Baca.  I learned about her last week on Marly Bird’s podcast ‘Yarn Thing.’  I have to tell you that I loved her interview so much I was looking at her sites before I was done listening to it.  She has hundreds of patterns … Continue reading Danyel’s Square

A new monthly feature- Pattern Reviews. 

I love yarn. I love everything about it from picking out yarn, reading patterns, working on it, and finally enjoying something I made with all that effort. I am going to start a new monthly feature on my site where once a month I find a new pattern and try it out. I will talk about the pattern, the designer (if I know who it … Continue reading A new monthly feature- Pattern Reviews.