Stitchin Saturday #5

This was a good week for my stores!  I had orders for two blankets and one pig doll. The first blanket order was for a Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket in Pink.  I love this blanket.  The way the hearts stand out in the squares give it the impression of squares sewn together but it is all worked in continuous rows.  The second blanket order was … Continue reading Stitchin Saturday #5

Stitchin Saturday #4

This week was pretty good for my hooks.  I started a sweater just for me from a kit Mermaid “bought” me for Christmas.  I also got an order for a Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket so off to the yarn store I went.   I love getting orders for baby things; it just makes me happy to know that something I made will wrap a little … Continue reading Stitchin Saturday #4

10 Essential Notions for Crochet

*This post contains affiliate links.   When you are just starting a new hobby it is always hard to know exactly what you really need.  If you walk down the aisles of any hobby store there are all kinds of things to choose from for crochet alone.  There are hooks (plastic, bamboo or metal), there are stitch markers (locking and open), needles (bent, straight and … Continue reading 10 Essential Notions for Crochet